Can Implants Be Placed at the Same Time a Tooth Is Extracted? 

Finding out that you need to have a tooth pulled out may leave you a bit worried, especially if it's a front one. How are you going to do even the most basic things like talking and smiling when you have a big gap instead of a tooth? 

There might be a solution and it's called "immediate dental placement." 

Here's what you need to know. 

Yes, You Can Get a Tooth Removed and an Implant on the Same Day

Dr. Anum Zaid will first need to make sure that you are a good candidate for this procedure. Only patients with really good bone and gum tissues and who show no signs of infection or other oral health issues can get an implant placed immediately after tooth extraction. 

This is also a more delicate procedure, so you will need to work with a Clarksburg dentist who is experienced and has performed immediate dental placement before. 

If your oral health is not in perfect condition and the dental implant can't be placed right away, Dr. Anum Zaid will help you find a temporary solution until you can restore your tooth.

What to Expect During The Procedure 

If the tests and oral examination showed that you are a good candidate for immediate dental placement, you will be scheduled for the procedure. 

On the day of the treatment, a dentist near you will numb your mouth for a pain-free experience. First, they will pull the tooth out of its socket and if the condition of your jaw and gums allows it, they will proceed with placing the implant. 

Once they are done, they will place gauze on the extraction/implant site to control the bleeding and help with the formation of the blood clot. You will then go home with a list of aftercare instructions that will make recovery easier and faster. 

The Benefits of Immediate Dental Placement 

  • Shorter Treatment Timeline: With immediate dental placement, you get two problems fixed in one single appointment. This way, both the extraction and implant site heal simultaneously. 
  • More Cost-Effective: You won't need partial dentures or other temporary restorative solutions.
  • Gum and Bone Preservation: The implant will stimulate the jawbone, preserving both the bone and gum tissue. 

Is This Treatment for Me? 

The thought of having a tooth pulled and an implant placed on the same day is certainly appealing. Immediate dental placement, however, is not for everyone as you would need great oral health for it. 

You can discuss this option with Dr. Anum Zaid and see if it's something you could consider. 

You can send us a message online and choose a preferred date and time for your appointment. Or you can call us at (240) 308-8588 and ask for more information about dental implants or other services. 

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