What are Veneers?

Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you, and it can either boost your confidence or make you feel insecure.

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Should You Use Mouthwash Everyday?

There’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh breath. Mouthwash makes this easy.

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Does a Tongue Scraper Really Work?

It's designed to clean the surface of your tongue by removing excess particles that brushing alone can't reach.

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Are Cavities Contagious?

In this blog post, we will explore the truth behind this question and provide you with the necessary information to better understand cavities and their transmission.

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Dental Implant Care: Tips for Looking After Your Implants 

But here comes the question: How can you ensure that it will stay like that? Here are some tips to follow to take good care of your dental implants. 

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Does Food Get Under Dental Implants?

In this blog post, we'll explore this topic and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about dental implants. 

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Can Implants Be Placed at the Same Time a Tooth Is Extracted? 

Finding out that you need to have a tooth pulled out may leave you a bit worried, especially if it's a front one. How are you going to do even the most basic things like talking and smiling when you have a big gap instead of a tooth? 

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When To Consider A Tooth Extraction

Check out five common reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Bilingual Dentist?

Here's why we think having a bilingual dentist is so important. 

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Dental Implants vs. Dentures: What's Best For You?

If you are dealing with missing teeth, you have lots of great options to restore both the look and function of your smile. Keep reading to discover everything about two of the most popular types of tooth replacement procedures: dentures and dental implants.

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Will Teeth Grinding Ruin My Clear Aligners?

You are looking into clear aligner options to correct the position of your teeth. However, you may be afraid that your tendency to grind your teeth might interfere with the treatment process. Here's what you need to know.

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Can Pineapple Juice Help Wisdom Tooth Recovery?

Some advice has gone viral on TikTok by users claiming to have a trick up their sleeve to help speed up their recovery, but is there any truth to it? Read on in this blog from Urban Dental Studio to find out.

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Why You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out‍

Does dreaming about your teeth indicate a problem you may be having with your oral health? Does it have any meaning at all? Here are 3 common explanations for why you may dream about your teeth falling out.

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How to Avoid Dry Socket After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions should not be taken lightly, as your teeth play a crucial role in your oral health and ability to speak and chew. However, teeth cannot always be salvaged when they have extensive decay or have been severely damaged from dental trauma. 

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Single Tooth Vs. Full Arch Implants

Dental implants are a popular procedure, but first, it’s important to make sure you’re a good candidate to receive them. To get started, book an appointment with Dr. Anum Zaidi online, or call us at (240) 308-8588.

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Do Teeth Whitening Pens Really Work?

Today, the market is saturated with teeth whitening solutions, many of which promise results that you can get at home, away from the dentist’s chair. Let’s see what they are, and how well we can expect them to perform. 

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Healing After Dental Implants: What to Expect 

If you're planning to get dental implants, you are probably a little nervous, especially if this is your first time. But worry not. To help put your mind at ease, this article will give you a good idea of what you can expect during a typical dental implant preparation and installation procedure. 

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Welcome to Urban Dental Studio

Dr. Zaidi set out to open her own dental practice after working for some time as an associate at a busy office in Florida. During her time there, she realized that she wanted to provide a higher quality, more personalized level of care for her patients, and to give that kind of treatment, she would have to carve out her own path. She decided to return to her home state of Maryland, so she could bring her unique brand of dental excellence to the community she loves. 

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