Do Teeth Whitening Pens Really Work?

Everyone wants their smile to look healthy, bright, and beautiful. We often seek treatments that not only achieve these results but are also affordable, easy to use, and easily available. Today, the market is saturated with teeth whitening solutions, many of which promise results that you can get at home, away from the dentist’s chair. 

Teeth whitening pens are amongst the most attractive products out there, because they are extremely easy to use. Let’s see what they are, and how well we can expect them to perform. 

What Are Teeth Whitening Pens?

Whitening pens are extremely portable teeth whitening systems that you can easily pop in your bag, your car’s glove compartment, or bathroom cabinet. They are pens filled with a whitening formula, and they have a brush or sponge that makes application very easy. You simply squeeze the pen and apply a thin layer of the gel on each tooth, then wait for it to do its job. 

Whitening pens typically contain hydrogen peroxide, but you can also find formulas containing carbamide peroxide. Both agents whiten the teeth by bleaching them, removing discoloration. 

How Effective Are Whitening Pens?

Whitening pens should work like a charm: they have a whitening agent that you can easily apply on the surface of the teeth. Generally, whitening treatments that bleach the teeth have the same active substances that dentists use for in-chair treatments. However, the concentration of the gel used for in-chair treatments is much higher than the one for at-home treatments. 

The bleaching substances can hurt the soft tissue of your gums. At the dentist, your gums are protected from the UV light that will quicken the process. At home, you might hurt yourself using strong substances, so treatments are typically diluted.

This makes whitening pens less effective than in-chair treatments or methods that involve custom-made trays that you can leave on for longer.

On top of this, whitening pens will only cover the front side of the teeth and won’t penetrate in between so efficiently, giving your teeth a less uniform look. 

Are You Interested in Getting Whiter Teeth?

If you want to whiten your teeth, it’s best to seek advice from a dentist. One of the best things you can start with, in your quest is to get a professional cleaning. This way, the dentist will remove the plaque that is covering your healthy teeth, making them look brighter. 

After a consultation, Dr. Anum Zaidi from Urban Dental Studio can also recommend the best course of action for brightening your teeth, whether it will be an at-home treatment or the one that needs a visit to the dentist. You can also use a whitening pen while undergoing a more effective treatment. The pen can be used for touch-ups, and to keep your teeth nice and bright after being exposed to staining foods and drinks, or in between whitening sessions. 

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