Single Tooth Vs. Full Arch Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular procedures to replace missing teeth and restore both the function and look of someone’s smile!

However, if you’ve been researching dental implants, then you likely discovered that apart from the single implant, patients can also get full or even partial arch implants. With so many options available, it can be confusing for many patients.

So, which one is better for you?

What Is a Dental Implant?

A Dental implant is a type of prosthetic made up of three components:

  • The metal post that gets inserted into the jaw to replace the missing tooth’s root;
  • The abutment, which connects the post to the crown;
  • The dental crown, which is the part of the implant you can see;

Dental implants look and feel just like a natural tooth, giving patients a very discreet way to restore their smile. 

What about Full Arch Implants?

A full arch implant works similarly to single implants. The difference is, the patient will receive four implants, and a full arch prosthesis is then attached to them to replace one arch.

Like single implants, full arch implants have the benefit of looking and feeling like natural teeth. The prosthetic is attached to the four implants and instantly changes the look of a person’s smile, though in some cases partial arch implants may be recommended instead.

Which One Is for You?

It generally depends on your specific case. For example, if you have 1-2 missing teeth, then the surgeon will most likely recommend singular implants to address this problem, especially if the rest of your teeth are perfectly healthy.

If you have more missing teeth, however, full arch implants may be recommended. It’s also possible to go with full arch implants if you struggle with other dental health problems which affect more of your teeth.

The only way to know for sure is to book an appointment with a dentist for a consultation. Based on an assessment of your condition, they can recommend the best course of action to address your oral health concerns. 

But no matter which option you end up with, you can rest assured that both single and full arch implants can offer many of the same benefits:

  • A permanent solution to replace missing teeth;
  • Restoring both the look and function of your smile;
  • Implants are fixed and allow you to chew and talk naturally, etc.

Interested in Dental Implants? Urban Dental Studio Can Help!

Dental implants are a popular procedure, but first, it’s important to make sure you’re a good candidate to receive them. Urban Dental Studio is here to help you access the best dental health services to address all your concerns and get the smile you truly deserve!

To get started, book an appointment with Dr. Anum Zaidi online, or call us at (240) 308-8588 for more information about us.

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