When To Consider A Tooth Extraction

Modern dentistry has many ways to save a tooth. But sometimes, tooth extraction in Clarksburg is impossible to avoid.

How do you know if you’re dealing with one of those cases? 

Check out five common reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted: 

1. Severe Dental Damage

If you have a large cavity or a tooth infection, you might be able to restore your oral health with a filling or root canal. 

Unfortunately, these issues tend to get worse if you don’t get immediate treatment. Cavities can weaken the tooth to the point where it can crack at the tiniest pressure, while infections can destroy everything inside. 

In these cases, the tooth is pulled out to prevent more complications, such as the infection traveling to other tissues in the body, like your jawbone. 

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is a serious gum infection that can cause irreparable damage to your mouth, such as gum retraction or tooth loosening. 

If the infection progresses too much and the teeth are loose, extracting them may be the only viable option. Minor to moderate cases may avoid this, but it does depend on how fast you get gum disease treatment. 

3. Trauma

If a tooth fractures because of a fall or direct blow to the mouth, it can sometimes be saved with a dental crown. 

But this depends on whether the trauma has affected the root or not. If it has, then the tooth will need to come out. 

4. Orthodontic Treatment  

There are cases when you may need to extract a permanently healthy tooth. For instance, if you’re dealing with overcrowded teeth and need braces or Invisalign, your doctor could first recommend an extraction.

This opens space on the arch to allow the rest of your teeth to sit in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing position.

5. Problem-Causing Wisdom Tooth

Some people get their wisdom teeth in and live the rest of their days unbothered. Others are not so lucky.

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean due to their position, so they’re likely to get cavities and infections. Some wisdom teeth can lead to alignment or even bite issues as they push the rest of the adult teeth closer together to make room. 

And sometimes, the wisdom tooth becomes trapped just underneath the gum line, becoming what’s known as an impacted tooth.

Whatever the case, sometimes a wisdom tooth simply has to go.

How to Know If You Need a Tooth Extraction

Whether you find yourself in any of the above scenarios or not, Dr. Anum Zaidi can confirm if you need a tooth extraction in just one short consultation.

Request a visit to Urban Dental Studio online and stop by to find out the definitive answer. 

Have more questions about tooth extractions? Then call our office at (240) 308-8588 for a short chat!

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